Cathy Schneider, LCSW

Therapy for adults and teens ages 15+. 

Working together to unearth patterns, heal old wounds, and find new ways of being. 


Everything must break open in order to live. The seed must break open in order for the tree to grow. The egg must break open in order for life to emerge. The Earth must be turned and the cloud must burst. You were never meant to stay in your shell. 

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Therapy for...
- Trauma & Healing
- Grief & Loss
- Life Transitions
- Psychedelic Integration
- Spiritual & Existential Exploration

Therapy can be daunting -- let's connect to ease any fear or hesitation. I bring a sense of humor and an easy, informal approach to this deep and meaningful work. Compassion, warmth, and validation are a central part of the process. 


Therapy is a meeting of minds, hearts, and spirits between a person seeking and another person holding space. I hold a mirror to help reflect what is under the surface including patterns, dynamics, ways we treat ourselves, or deeply held beliefs about who we are in the world. Together we reach back to find where these patterns or thoughts began then seek to heal old wounds when we have the safety of the current moment to provide stability. 


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