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About therapy...


I am passionate about finding the best combination of my skills to ease suffering, calm pain, and support someone's healing journey. My work centers on the belief that each person knows their own self better than anyone else. So I listen and suggest instead of give advice. We will work together toward your goals. It is an honor to join with you in your process and sit with you in the mud. 


Therapy is one of many tools people use to find balance, safety, stability. I use a variety of approaches in combination to tailor each session to your individual needs. These may include: mindfulness, somatic awareness, breath work, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), ketamine or cannabis assisted psychotherapy/guiding. Underlying everything, I take a relational, person-centered, psychodynamic approach. 

For clients exploring the use of psychedelics in a recreational setting outside of session, I offer preparation/integration sessions to deepen connections, shift foundational issues, and provide clarity when feeling stuck. We work on integrating your individual experiences to better bring what you've learned into your daily life. Please reach out to me to discuss this if you are interested in learning more. 

* Note that I do not facilitate access to controlled or prohibited drugs nor does session occur if someone arrives to session in an altered state. 

Why therapy?

Life is sometimes dark and twisty. Therapy provides a supportive, safe space for you to make time for your own work on yourself. We may not feel validated or encouraged with loved ones to open fully to new ways of seeing ourselves, behaving differently and perhaps more authentically, communicating needs and boundaries, etc. Allow yourself to find someone you want to talk to who is trained to listen, will challenge you when needed, and help through tough times. If that person isn't me, I will help you to find the right person, group, or service to best fit your needs. 

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