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Forms & Fees

Fees & Types of payment

Self-pay: An initial, comprehensive appointment is $180. Each session thereafter is $150. Payment is due at time of service through card (credit, debit) or cash.

Community supports: Partnering with local a local therapy scholarship program, Cathy accepts Olivia’s Fund Scholarship. Working with with three local Employee Assistance Programs, clients may utilize Mountain Strong EAP, Triad EAP, and Mines & Associates EAP as approved through their workplace. 

Insurance through Headway: Payment is through Headway. Headway works with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Cigna, United, and others. 

Insurance can reduce the cost of therapy for greater accessibility depending on individual situations. This will require a mental health diagnosis and potentially have therapy records reviewed by the insurance company. Some companies may require specific treatment depending on the diagnosis and Cathy will discuss with you if she is the right fit to provide such services if that situation arises. 

You may pay out of pocket or use your insurance; there are pros and cons either way. People seek therapy for many reasons - not all of which rise to the need for a mental health diagnosis. Some determine not to use insurance as it does not require a mental health diagnosis which will be on billing statements and/or within records, a specific treatment plan outlining what services can be provided, or frequency/number of sessions that can be limited through an insurance company.


Contact me for more information about pre-licensure or pending licensure supervision. I will work with each person around fee structure to ensure access to quality supervision for different income levels. Fees will range from $60 - $100. 

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